Swiss Privacy – beware of default Settings

For all those businessmen and businesswomen starting a new business in Zurich – beware of default settings in Zurich government registers.  However surprising or shocking it is, your tax, residence and car ownership data are public in Zurich. The idea of transparency was popular some time ago but given today’s threats, you should not be part of it.

Here are a few examples before we give you a solution –

  1. home address – anyone without giving the reasons can ask for your residence. It costs between 10 and 30 CHF and can be ordered here.
  2. car ownership – your car gives away your name and address. Check it out yourself.
  3. last but not least – your taxable income is also public information (DE).

We recommend to all of you to print three letters and send them to appropriate authorities for locking down such sensitive information. Here are draft letters (home address, car ownership, tax data) for your convenience (source: Datenschutzbeauftragter Kanton Zürich). Be safe and prosper!