The simplest Swiss company registration with Fasoon

We are delighted to share with all our readers – clients or soon-to-be clients – the best offering in Swiss company registration. New company foundation portal Fasoon allows to set up a Swiss company within a very short time thanks to automated business processes and at a very affordable price due to various partnerships with insurers, banks, telecom, and accounting providers. In most cases, a new AG / GmbH formation is free of charge.

For example, the registration of new Aktiengesellschaft (AG) with the bank account at Zurich Cantonal Bank (free in the 1st year, see details here) and accounting service from OBT AG costs with Fasoon AG exactly 0 (zero!) Swiss Francs. The only other costs are government fee for entry into Commercial Register (ca. 700-900 CHF) and bank fee for capital deposit account (ca. 200 CHF). It’s currently available only in German but we are happy to assist you with all the translations.

In addition to this amazing offer,

DomizilPlus is offering to all Fasoon clients a further 15% discount* on all DomizilPlus legal address / virtual office packages. 

Using your private home address as the address for the company doesn’t add credibility to your new venture, normally requires landlord approval but, most importantly, makes your home address matter of public record. Official company addresses are openly listed on the Internet. You don’t have to rent expensive office just to avoid these issues. Our base service plan is only CHF 84.-/month.

* valid until 1. January 2018